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Finally, a chance to save money on your health care costs!

The Home Builders of Tennesse (HBAT) is proud to announce the Home Builders Association of Tennessee Benefits Trust.
The Home Builders Association of Tennessee Benefits Trust is a full major medical plan that includes hospitalization, doctors care, prescription medications, a nationwide network of providers and Tele-A-Health (24/7 access to board certified doctors by phone or skype).
Group life, dental and vision insurance is also available.

10 medical plan offerings to meet your budget: Low, High, HSA deductibles

National PPO network via the PHCS/Multiplan network

National Pharmacy access via CVS Caremark

Licensed and Approved by Tennessee Department of Insurance

Sponsored by the Homebuilders Association of Tennessee

Potential for lower healthcare cost for you and your employees

Available to groups of all sizes, including groups of one

Flexible group participation levels allowed

Built and owned by the members of the Homebuilders Association of Tennessee

Pre-exisiting conditions are covered.
100% paid coverage benefits for preventative health coverage.
Doctor co-pays available.
Health Savings Account (HSA) qualified plans available.

We will quote all.
You must be a member of HBAT to issue you a policy.

To locate a authorized professional insurance agent in your area please call 931-218-2056 or email: or contact your local HBAT Executive Officer

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