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Malone, Terry & McDannald (MT&M) was created in January 2015 and is run today by longtime business associates Jim Malone and Chuck Terry. Jim and Chuck have more than 50 years’ experience providing Health Insurance and benefit coverage to Individuals and Groups in Tennessee. The two have also served above and beyond as officers and board members for numerous insurance organizations and professional associations. This experience has shown them firsthand the tremendous value a quality healthcare program can bring to an association's membership.

MT&M, having consulted with many members of the HBAT and other associations over the years, routinely heard the same message, “We need a healthcare plan!" They relentlessly tried to find carrier-based options to meet this need but continually found little to no answers, due to the drastic change in the healthcare landscape. They became resigned, that in todays consolidated and restricted insurance world the ability for associations to meet the healthcare needs of their memberships had become nearly impossible. 

Jim and Chuck, after months of exhaustive due diligence, culminated in the creation of the HBAT Benefits Trust - the first healthcare program of its kind in the State of Tennessee since 1999. The HBAT Benefits Trust has been built exclusively for the members of the Home Builders Association of Tennessee as a long-term solution to members healthcare needs.

MT&M is a proud HBAT member and excited to be tasked with marketing and selling the HBAT Benefits Trust. Thank you!

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